Hita Shah, Payal Shah, Varshaben Parekh

The 3 – 4 year old Pathshala class is our introductory class.  Our class size has increased from 8 three years old to 20 students registered this past school year.  To provide the right level of attention to the young minds, we have split the class into two separate classes.

We adapt our curriculum to the level of the students we have.  This year, the students were taught the following:

1. What religion they are?

2. Navakar Mantra

3. Ichami Khamasna

4. Darshanam Deva

5. Mangalam Bhagavana Viro

6. Khamemi

7. Jai Jinendra

8. How many Bhagwans there are

9. Names of he Bhagwans at the Temple

10. They learn about the 14 Sapnas

11. Some basics about what to do in the temple

12. Paap and Punya

13. How to do Puja

The class is a mix of learning and having fun.

Kids color lanchaans, create crafts, play games, hear stories and are provide treats as rewards.  We attempt to go to the temple as a group once a month.

We work closely with the parents. Emails are sent to inform the parents about what is done in the class and homework that should be completed. While kids learn concepts in class, repetition by the Parents at home is what really helps the kids learn. Mid-year, we provide parents a report on how their child is doing.

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